Testimonials from coaching clients:

“During our video session, Tammy was helpful and patient as I labored to explain my complex thoughts; after all, I’ve been studying and journeying through the Enneagram for several years, mistyping and connecting the dots along the way. Tammy provided me with a safe place to bounce my ideas around.”

“I would recommend Tammy to anyone who is having trouble landing on their true type, anyone who is just getting started working with the Enneagram, or anyone at all, really.” (Paige D.)

“Tammy was so helpful with our coaching sessions. I’m a Type 9 who has done a lot of personal work with the enneagram, but Tammy continued to help me in my growth and understanding. She asked thought provoking questions that pushed my Type 9 out of its comfort zone to face some things. And, she was always encouraging and personable. I’m grateful for her coaching help! (Jilann)

Consultation Session:

Where to start? Is Enneagram Coaching for you? A consultation is a great place to start. Contact me to schedule a free 20-minute consultation, where I can answer questions you have and give you more information on how coaching can support you toward your goals.

Speaking (4)Group Presentations:

Group presentations can be adjusted to fit the size and needs of your group. A typical presentation focuses on using the Enneagram model of personality as a Path for Growth, including why we need to be aware of our types’ automatic patterns, how unawareness of how we see the world affects us and others, and a tool for noticing how our automatic reactions play out in our day to day lives. We will explore how this affects us both individually and as a team, and focus on tools for improving communication, effectiveness, and compassion for each other. Contact me to schedule a consultation to explore how I can help you!

Typing Sessions:

Are you unsure about your type? Information is helpful on your journey to understanding your Enneagram type, but it can be invaluable to process out loud with a coach. Typing Sessions last one hour and help you dig deeper into understanding the Enneagram types and learning more about the motivations that drive your behavior and patterns! We’ll use videoconferencing with the Zoom app, to make it more convenient to start this journey. Contact me to get started!

Enneagram Coaching: 

You know which Enneagram type you resonate with, but now what? You want to better understand the patterns that keep you stuck, and a deep dive into the patterns of your personality will help you let go of the automatic reactions and coping addictions that are holding you back. Together we’ll create a personalized Road Map with tangible steps to take to meet your goals for change. Contact me for scheduling options.

Online Options

If you’re not ready for one on one coaching, click on these links for self-paced online options:

Discovering You: A Journey Through the Enneagram

Gain clarity about your type and understand others as well through this self-paced course:

Exploring You

Take a deep dive into the patterns of your Enneagram type and understand the tools to grow past the automatic reactions that have been keeping you stuck: