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It’s time to live your life Unbound.

The truth is, the unbinding is the work, isn’t it?

Awareness and resolutions alone aren’t always enough to free ourselves from the patterns that bind us. What does it mean to live an Unbound Life?

Unbound Living is a desire to move past the awareness that what we’re doing isn’t working and to let go of the patterns that have kept us stuck for so long. It’s an acknowledgement of the bravery of taking this first step along with a yearning for more.

Unbound Living doesn’t happen alone. So much of our inner work takes place alone, but this solitary work also limits us. To live truly Unbound, it takes others to help us notice the blind spots we can’t see, and to compassionately point out the patterns that are keeping us stuck that we can’t see. I would be honored to walk alongside you on this part of your journey.

Unbound Living happens in “layers.” Growth isn’t a one and done process, and continued curiosity about what is keeping us stuck as we re-enter new seasons creates rich opportunities for naming our Adapted Self for what it is and moving past it.

There are many opportunities to join me as we begin to name the patterns that are keeping you bound, and you can find them on my Events page. Let’s start with a 20 minute consultation call to see how I can help you!