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Naming Your Patterns

What is this Enneagram thing anyway?

In this live, one hour workshop, I’ll walk you through nine typical patterns that keep us bound and help you see how to more clearly see these patterns showing up in your life.

The workshop also includes a workbook with a resource on the 9 Enneagram types and how to notice your patters and find the next steps in living an Unbound Life!

To register, fill out the registration form here. (Coming Soon!)

Unbinding From Your Patterns

I know my Enneagram type, now what?

In this live workshop, we’ll take a deeper look at how knowing where you are now can help you find the best way to move out of the patterns that keep you bound. I’ll walk you through understanding how different personality types settle for growth and point you in the right direction for moving towards transformation!

Registration for this workshop includes a workbook with information from the workshop along with prompts to help you identify practices that will help you live an Unbound Life.

To register, fill out the registration form here. (Coming Soon!)


Information on upcoming retreats and workshops coming soon.