Book Review: More Than a Number

In More Than a Number, Jeff and Beth McCord go beyond Enneagram types to how to use the information provided by the Enneagram to grow. This book is a good introduction to the Enneagram Internal Profile and better understanding the “fog” created by all of the parts of us that fight to protect what Jeff and Beth call the “Wounded Child.”

This is a helpful book for those familiar with the Enneagram but wanting to lean deeper into what transformational growth will look like with a heavy reliance on Christian faith as the catalyst for change. The book comes with helpful visuals to explain the concepts. 

This book gives you information, but the answers will come from reflection. It was helpful to keep a journal nearby where I could work through naming some of my own internal profile as I read.

Reading this book made me remember how difficult this work is to do on our own! It’s helpful to have a friend, a mentor, a coach or a therapist to guide you as you begin or continue this work of self-reflection.

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