About Me

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Welcome to Unbound Coaching! It’s good to meet you. My name is Tammy Leininger and I love helping women who have given so much to others learn to reconnect with their true self, live more assured of their purpose, and unbind from the patterns that have held them back from their emotional and spiritual growth.

I’ve been in your shoes and helped others for 15 years. I’ve also experienced what it feels like to burn out when the patterns of the past no longer work. These tools have been transformational for me and I’m excited to be your guide to experiencing growth, confidence, and peace.

You can connect with me on Instagram at @unbound.cc, or contact me to schedule a 20 minute consultation to see which coaching services are best for you! Visit my events page for  upcoming workshops or other ways to find ways to become Unbound!

Hear me talk here with some friends as we set the record straight about misperceptions about women who identify as Type 5 (Investigative Observers).